BWT Water + More Welcomes Coffee Community to RDS

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BWT Water + More Welcomes Coffee Community to RDS

International water optimisation specialist, BWT water + more, is the official Event Host Sponsor for the upcoming World of Coffee event at Dublin's RDS from 23 to 25 June.

The event, which also hosts this year's World Barista Championship, will see thousands of coffee aficionados from around the world attending. The BWT team will be at stand F20 where the Austrian winner of SCAE 2011, Barista Cem Korkmaz, will be serving coffee's made with BWT's optimised water.

There will also be a prize draw for a World Birdy folding city bike from Riese & Müller at the BWT water + more F20 stand. To have a chance at winning the bike, you will need to visit the BWT stand and enter on site, or you can enter via its website at www.bwt-wam.coffee/en from Monday 20 June.

A cupping event will also be hosted at the BWT stand which will showcase the influence of different water qualities on the taste of coffee. It will use optimised and non-optimised water from the likes of London, which has hard water, Essex, known for its very hard water, and the very soft water of Newcastle.

Those wishing to visit BWT water + more at the World of Coffee on the 23 - 25 June will find its stand at F20 and you can enter the prize draw for a bike from Monday 20 June at www.bwt-wam.coffee/en