Bewley’s Creates Automated Milk-Frothing Machine For The Hospitality Sector

By Robert McHugh
Bewley’s Creates Automated Milk-Frothing Machine For The Hospitality Sector

Bewley’s has announced that it has distribution in Ireland for specially designed automated milk-frothing machines, as demand grows for chilled coffees served with cold foamed milk.

The Irish coffee company has witnessed a sharp increase in sales of its chilled coffees to customers over the past six months.

These include coffees infused with nitrogen, known as nitro-brews, iced lattes, and cold foamy milk drinks.

Automated Machines

“The sales of chilled flavoured coffees and espresso Martinis outnumbered the amount of hot coffees we sold by almost 1,500 cups at Electric Picnic and Kaleidoscope,” said Julie Murray, head of coffee culture at Bewley’s.

Monin’s Europe-wide Winter Drinks Trends Report 2022/23, published ahead of International Coffee Day on 1 October, found that 7.3% of under-35s will drink at least one iced coffee away from home each day.


In response to the increased demand, Bewley’s is now selling automated milk-frothing machines to the hospitality sector in Ireland.

‘Labour Challenges’

“It greatly improves efficiency and helps the industry overcome labour challenges,” says Murray.

The Latte Art Factory automated milk frother sits alongside the barista’s espresso machine and grinder, and can even pump nitro-coffees straight into the glass.

‘No Matter The Weather’

“For the younger customer, there is something extrinsic about the way they enjoy their coffee. It’s all about what they can add to the experience,” says Murray, “and they sip their cold coffees, which can be flavoured with a syrup of their choice and topped with cold frothed milk, no matter the weather.”