Enterprise Ireland’s Food Innovation Summit

By Robert McHugh
Enterprise Ireland’s Food Innovation Summit

Enterprise Ireland’s Food Innovation Summit took place this week, in Croke Park, Dublin.

More than 400 senior leaders from the food-and-drink sector, innovation experts, policymakers, and key stakeholders from across the research ecosystem attended the event.

It is the only dedicated food innovation summit to take place in Ireland and focuses on the innovation capability within the Irish food-and-drink industry and the strength of Ireland’s research ecosystem.

Enterprise Ireland’s Food Innovation Summit aims to further raise awareness of the role of innovation as a driver of growth and prosperity.

‘Competitive Edge’

“Innovation is essential to maintaining our competitive edge, and the government is committed to supporting the sector to increase investment in innovation, digitalisation and sustainability, so these food and drink businesses can continue to compete and win in global markets,” said the Minister for Enterprise, Trade and Employment, Peter Burke.


“The Food Innovation Summit provides an important platform to showcase Ireland’s leadership in food and drink innovation and a unique opportunity for businesses to network, collaborate, and advance their innovative capabilities.”

Emerging Talent

Over the past decade, Enterprise Ireland has invested more than €10 million in high-potential start-up (HPSU) companies operating in the food-and-drink sector.

In 2023, Enterprise Ireland invested in 15 food and drink start-ups.

‘Competitive Global Market’

“Innovation is the cornerstone of a sustainable and competitive food-and-drink industry in an increasingly competitive global market,” said Michael Carey, Enterprise Ireland’s chairman.

“The current levels of investment in R&D among Ireland’s food-and-drink industry [companies] provides a strong foundation to build on.”

Carey added, “However, increased investment in research and innovation by these companies is vital – to strengthen productivity, improve both sales and margins, and accelerate the scaling journey.”