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C&C Leaves UK Drinks Group

Published on Jun 6 2014 11:22 AM in Drinks

C&C Leaves UK Drinks Group

A disagreement has occurred between C&C, the producer of Bulmers and Magners, and the Portman group, a body funded by the alcohol industry that promotes responsible drinking in the United Kingdom. C&C pulled out of the group during the week because they wish to "focus our resources on a strategy of investing in community projects rather than industry lobbying." The company believes in minimum alcohol pricing "because we understand the needs of the communities in which we play a part."   "Sadly the Portman Group has moved away from its founding principles and is now dominated by large multinational drink companies with an agenda at odds with the wider UK industry," C&C said. "On this basis we feel it’s time to leave."   C&C is not a member of Meas, the Irish responsible-drinking industry group. Like Portman, Meas is also funded primarily by Diageo, Heineken and the Irish Distillers.    

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