Carlsberg Billboard Dispenses Beer to Passers-By

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Carlsberg Billboard Dispenses Beer to Passers-By

A Carlsberg billboard in Shoreditch, London allowed passers-by to enjoy free drink, poured from a pump attached to the poster.

The billboard, which had the slogan "Probably the best poster in the world" along with Carlsberg's distinctive green colour, had a tap attached from which people could dispense a free drink, one at a time.

The stunt, which ran for one day only, was part of the Danish company's "If Carlsberg Did" campaign and was placed outside the Truman Brewery in the trendy Brick Lane area in Shoreditch.

The "Probably the best…" slogan is being used by Carlsberg once again after being dropped in 2011 after four decades.

The company recently invested £12 million into its new ad campaign based around the "If Carlsberg did…" theme. The company has announced that it is planning more stunts in the coming months.