Independent Craft Brewers of Ireland Unveil New Symbol

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Independent Craft Brewers of Ireland Unveil New Symbol

After recent controversy in Ireland's craft beer world, the Independent Craft Brewers of Ireland (ICBI) has launched an official symbol to help consumers identify independently brewed Irish craft beer.

With Ireland currently having over 80 registered microbreweries, the symbol will "offer reassurance to consumers that the beer they are buying is what it purports to be" and will make it easier to identify Irish craft beer, say the ICBI.

Those breweries using the symbol will have to be a registered microbrewery as recognized by Revenue and the brewer will have to have complete ownership of the brand. Breweries who are already using the symbol include Blacks Brewery in Cork, Donegal's Kinnegar, the Porterhouse Brewing Company and O'Hara's in Carlow.

The ICBI state that the symbol "gives a means by which [Irish microbreweries] can take a stand against the misrepresentation of brands and to identify themselves as what they are - small scale breweries, brewing their own beers in their own microbreweries".

Those applying for use of the symbol will have their submission looked at by a review panel who will meet quarterly to approve applications and address any complaints concerning use of the symbol.  The group added that "spot checks on the marketplace and a formalised channel for making complaints of any beer which it is felt is using the symbol deceptively" will be carried out too.