Irish Whiskey Mentoring Programme To Support Aspiring Distillers

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Irish Whiskey Mentoring Programme To Support Aspiring Distillers

A new Irish Whiskey Mentoring Programme has been launched today (26 April) to support aspiring distillers and to 'help drive one of Ireland’s most famous exports to new heights'.

The programme which is hosted by the The Irish Whiskey Association (IWA) will see whiskey experts such as Bushmills and Irish Distillers, help many of the new entrants to the industry to establish their distilleries and 'produce premium Irish whiskey for sale'.

“The Irish Whiskey Mentoring programme is a unique opportunity for aspiring distillers to meet with and learn from the best in the industry,” said Miriam Mooney, Head of the IWA.

“The mentoring partnership is beneficial for both new entrants and also established players. New entrants bring new whiskeys and stories to the global market, and established companies impart their knowledge and expertise. All players recognise the need for the world class quality and premium nature of Irish whiskey to be maintained. We trade on our reputation and that affects everyone.” She added.

The IWA initiative is part of an overall drive to double Irish whiskey exports to 144 million bottles, over the next three years and to triple Irish whiskey tourists to almost two million by 2025.


Mooney said, “The success of new distilleries is essential to creating an Irish whiskey tourism offering that attracts visitors from around the globe to every corner of Ireland. The Whiskey tourism strategy’s aim is to deliver €1.3 billion to rural and urban centres in Ireland every single year.”

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