Michael Flatley Introduces His First Signature Irish Whiskey

By Robert McHugh
Michael Flatley Introduces His First Signature Irish Whiskey

Michael Flatley, the world-renowned Irish dancer, has announced the launch of his first signature Irish whiskey, Flatley Whiskey: The Dreamer, from a series of special blends.

Crafted in partnership with master blender Noel Sweeney and distilled at the Great Northern Distillery, this premium five-year-old whiskey aims to embody the ‘spirit of dreams, passion, and mastery.’

“For me, Irish whiskey, much like Irish dance, embodies the essence of Ireland – its history, its spirit, and its ability to bring people together in celebration,” said Flatley.

Whiskey Room

Flatley is a long-time collector of Irish whiskey, and the idea for Flatley Irish Whiskey was brought to life when he began the multimillion-euro restoration of his home at Castlehyde, in Cork.

Flatley created a wood-panelled whiskey room that has housed barrels of his earlier private blend for more than 25 years.


The whiskey room at Castlehyde has been host to many tastings, including the first tasting of Flatley’s Irish Whiskey, and the dance star has said that it has received private visits by royalty and celebrities alike.

Family Crest

The family crest adorning each bottle is a nod to Flatley’s father, who was, and still is, his hero.

Like so many Irish, Michael Sr left for the US in 1947, but his love for the home country never left him.

‘Very Proud Moment’

“Irish whiskey was a favourite of my father’s. It was through his passion that I came to appreciate its complex flavours,” said Flatley, “so it’s a very proud moment to launch Flatley Irish Whiskey, as I know he will be smiling down on me.”


Flatley says that it has always been his dream to have his own Irish whiskey and leave a legacy for the Flatley name.


Distribution Deal

Flatley Whiskey has signed a distribution deal in Ireland with premium spirit distributor Dalcassian Wines and Spirits.

SuperValu is also already stocking the whiskey in over 175 stores across the country.

Global Plans

Flatley Whiskey will be launched internationally over the next few years, with an initial release in the United States planned for later this summer.

Priced at an RRP of €45, Flatley Irish Whiskey is now available in stores, bars and hotels across the island of Ireland.