One In Five Happy With Value Offered By Eastern European Beer

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One In Five Happy With Value Offered By Eastern European Beer

1 in 5 alcohol consumers think Eastern European alcohol brands offer good value for money, according to the latest Consumer Insights survey conducted by Empathy Research.

Looking specifically at those that purchase Eastern European beer brands, most buyers (72%) believe said brands offer value for money.

Almost two-fifths of alcohol consumers say they would be more likely to buy Eastern European beer brands if they were on special offer. Somewhat unsurprisingly, significantly more drinkers of said beers (70%) are of this opinion compared to non-drinkers (22%).

Looking at this by gender, males are also significantly more likely to consider purchasing beer from Eastern Europe if it was on special offer (47% vs. 28% females).

More than 1 in 4 alcohol consumers would like to see a wider range of Eastern European beer on sale in Irish supermarkets. This increases significantly to 58% among Eastern European beer buyers, compared to non-buyers (12%).


Of those who do not purchase Eastern European beer, a third (34%) mentioned they have never considered purchasing beer from Eastern Europe before, while a quarter say they are put off purchasing Eastern European beers because they have never heard of them.

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