Research Shows Non-Alcohol Beer Availability Supports Consumer Choice

By Dave Simpson
Research Shows Non-Alcohol Beer Availability Supports Consumer Choice

Drinks Ireland has welcomed new research from the University of Cambridge that suggests increasing the proportion of non-alcohol drinks on sale could reduce the amount of alcohol consumers purchase.


The Cambridge researchers undertook their study in a stimulated supermarket that presented shoppers with varying proportions of alcohol and non-alcohol drinks and asked them to select drinks to purchase for their next online shop. They found that shoppers who were exposed to more non-alcohol drinks selected and purchased fewer alcohol drinks.

Those exposed to the highest proportion of non-alcohol drinks selected fewer alcohol units, 17.5 units, compared to 29.4 units in those exposed to the lowest proportion of non-alcohol drinks, equivalent to a reduction of about 41%.

While currently a smaller portion of the market, non-alcohol beer’s share of the market in Ireland has grown by 275% from 0.4% in 2017 to 1.5% in 2021, and significant growth is expected in the period ahead.

Drinks Ireland said that the results show that non-alcohol products have a clear role to play in supporting consumer choice and moderation.


Statement By Drinks Ireland Director

Drinks Ireland director Cormac Healy said, "We welcome the research from Cambridge University that supports the clear role non-alcohol drinks play in supporting consumers in finding balance in how they drink.

"This comes as the latest revenue data released this week shows that alcohol consumption was down by 5% last year on 2019 pre-pandemic levels and continues to decline on a longer-term, down by about 30% since 2001. When exposed to the crucial benefit of choice, consumers will continue to guide Ireland on the positive trajectory we are witnessing and continue to move the country towards European consumption norms."

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