Samuel Adams Brewery File Trademark For 'Brexit' Cider

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Samuel Adams Brewery File Trademark For 'Brexit' Cider

Boston Beer Company, one of America's biggest breweries and known for their flagship brand of Samuel Adams, has filed a trademark application for the word 'BREXIT' with the aim of making a “hard cider” named after it.

The company is worth an estimated $2.1 billion and filed the application with the United States Patent and Trademark Office the day the result came in on the United Kingdom leaving the European Union.

Boston Beer Company has worked with UK cider makers before as well as using apples from there to make its 'Angry Orchard' cider, which is described as a "refreshing hard cider with attitude".

A spokesperson for the company told Eater.com: "We are not sure exactly how we would use the name yet, but it would likely be for a small batch of cider out of our Angry Orchard research and development orchard in Walden, New York."