Food Surplus Management Comes Up With Key Sustainable Solution

By Emily Hourican
Food Surplus Management Comes Up With Key Sustainable Solution

In a world where growing environmental awareness is a concern for the hospitality sector, Food Surplus Management have come up with a key sustainable solution that also saves on cost

This article was originally published in the Summer 2023 issue of Hospitality Ireland Magazine, in July of 2023.

The Irish Hospitality sector like so many other sectors are attempting to deal with the issues arising around climate action and the resulting implications it brings. A critical challenge for Hotels & Restaurants is the issue of tackling their waste streams and reducing the amount of general waste and food waste produced.

One company spearheading the way forward in helping their existing customer base to reduce their waste output and improve sustainable recycling practices, is Food Surplus Management. Food Surplus Management (FSM) are a nationwide food waste service provider who have a unique solution to the handling of food waste.

Sales & Sustainability Manager for FSM Jamie O’Rourke alludes to the interest of customers who are very receptive to the offering of expertise FSM bring to the market. FSM have a proven track record in achieving a reduction of their carbon footprint by reviewing their full waste streams and helping implement strategies to improve sustainable recycling.


FSM have found that a key solution of replacing the outdated method of using an old compost bin with a clean sanitised bin every time as the perfect solution for their customers.

This laundered bin swap, which is unique in the industry gives their customers a clean food waste bin with no unpleasant odours and removes the need to use bin liners. It also means less segregation is required compared to the conventional compost bin, as FSM’s food bin can accept packaged food as well as anything else that comes back on a customer’s plate such as napkins, butter foils and sauce sachets etc.

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But the real benefit to customers says Jamie O’Rourke, is how their state-ofthe-art plant deals what equates to the food waste or food surplus as they prefer to call it. The food surplus is processed at their facility in Trim Co. Meath and is then transported to our AD partners plants by our Biomethane powered (gas produced from food waste) trucks to be converted into renewable energy and nutrient rich fertiliser. The renewable gas produced at these plants is fed into Ireland’s gas network. FSM were one of Irelands first companies to introduce gas powered trucks with goals to becoming fully gas powered by 2030.

Unlike most waste providers in Ireland FSM have never offered general waste & recycling services but specialised in a laundered food waste solution. This unique position formed part of the reason for one of FSM’s key customers, given the advantages it offers the client. The company who recently engaged FSM to deal with the food waste issue, are confident and welcome what FSM offer in assisting them lower their environmental impact as well as looking for cost savings around their general waste output.


Windward Management who are well known in the industry as an experienced hotel operator currently involved with over 2000 hotel bedrooms in 17 hotels and resorts in Europe have made sustainability top of the agenda when it comes to seeking ways of lowering the impact of their hotels and resorts.


Niall Kelly director of procurement for Windward Purchasing says the timing was right when Jamie O’Rourke from FSM approached him about reviewing Windwards current portfolio in becoming a more sustainable organisation. They felt this is key component for moving forward into the future as we all have a responsibility to play our part in ensuring Ireland meets its obligations to achieve a greener and more sustainable country.

Jamie suggested that he would use his waste & recycling industry experience to carry out an environmental waste audit of our hotels across the country to assess if any improvements can be made in ways of reducing our general waste output and increasing our recycling rates along with making sure FSM’s food waste service is being utilised as we see great benefit to using this sustainable service for our kitchens.

At the early stages of the nationwide audit Jamie reviewed a new site we had just recently acquired and was able to implement new strategies for better recycling and food waste recovery whilst also shown us a cost saving of around 50% on their waste services.

As part of the strategies to be implemented by FSM, Jamie will start a training programme to train staff, and why we all need to recycle more efficiently and how to use the correct waste and recycling bins onsite. We hope by implementing this waste environmental training as well as taking on board Jamie’s recommendations we will reduce our general waste output and see a big difference in recycling targets. We look forward to seeing the outcome once all is completed.

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