Ireland's Healthiest Cheeseburgers Revealed By New Study

By Dave Simpson
Ireland's Healthiest Cheeseburgers Revealed By New Study
The research team at Gambling.com has investigated which Irish fast food chain's cheeseburger is the best for your body.


The standard cheeseburger option from each outlet was analysed for sugar, fat, salt and calorie content (per 100g), where data was available. Lower amounts of these four nutritional values are a good thing, so the lower the quantity, the higher the healthiness score is out of 10, according to Gambling.com.

Ireland's Healthiest Fast Food Cheeseburgers

Gambling.com graph.
Apache Pizza has Ireland's healthiest cheeseburger, according to Gambling.com's research, with the pizza chain's Flame Grilled Burger With Cheese having the lowest calories and fat per 100g in the entire study, as well as ranking second best in the sugar stakes. This all culminated in a healthy rating of 7 out of 10 - putting the Irish franchise that opened their first store in Dublin in 1996 at the top of the list.
The Classic Cheddar from Gourmet Burger Kitchen is in second place, with a final score of 6.5. With five restaurants operating around Dublin, the UK chain has the lowest levels of sugar across all the burgers, while also having the second least amounts of salt and calories.
Five Guys and their Cheeseburger are in #3. It achieved a healthy rating of 6 out of 10, and has the smallest levels of salt (per 100g) of all the burgers analysed, while performing respectably in the other categories.
In #4 is Burger King, with a score of 5.5. The burger centric chain performed well in most categories, without topping any. Another US chain McDonald's is #5, with its Cheeseburger getting a final rating of 3.
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