Irish Food & Drink Exporters Meet To Discuss Brexit Fallout

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Irish Food & Drink Exporters Meet To Discuss Brexit Fallout

Over 180 Irish food and drink exporters and experts from the UK food retail market are meeting today to share information on the post Brexit trading landscape and to outline the organisation's measures for supporting companies as they navigate the new trading environment.

The Irish companies, who had highlighted the need for information in Bord Bia's post-Brexit survey, received insights from experts on current UK and EU market conditions and currency management. The ensuing panel discussions were designed to help exporters identify future pressure points in their business models that may require attention.

Opening the briefing session, Aidan Cotter, Chief Executive, Bord Bia said: “The purpose of the briefing is to explore and begin to understand the implications of BREXIT for a market that takes 41% of our food and drink exports, valued at €4.4 billion.

"Our hope is that today`s event may advance all of our deliberations and if we can't resolve the uncertainty, and clearly we can't, that at least we can now begin to learn how we can deal with it and live with it. The learnings from today and our ongoing close contact with our clients will inform our future supports for the sector."