Is The Term 'Fast Food' On Its Way Out?

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Is The Term 'Fast Food' On Its Way Out?

In an attempt to position their offerings as fresher or higher quality, the likes of McDonald's and Burger King are embracing new phrases to describe what has been traditionally termed 'fast food'.

According to numerous news sources, new titles such as “fast casual”, “fine casual”, “fast crafted” and “fan food” have been mooted by the restaurant chains as they look to position their menus away from the stigma associated with  fast food being cheap and unhealthy.

The NZ Herald reports that McDonald's has said that it wants to transform into a “modern, progressive burger company”, while Yum CEO Greg Creed has also called for the company's Pizza Hut, Taco Bell and KFC chains to redefine the meaning of fast food.

Allen Adamson, who is the founder of Brandsimple Consulting, has mentioned that the term fast food can now be referred to as the “death star” of the industry.

"Everything can be fast today. What you want to communicate is something more desirable," he said.