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Baldoyle Training Centre ‘Accommodation Services’ Course Launching May 2024

By Sarah O'Sullivan
Baldoyle Training Centre ‘Accommodation Services’ Course Launching May 2024

Baldoyle Training Centre has announced the launch of three new hospitality courses, which combine education and professional experience to those entering the labour market or who wish to upskill.

The accommodation services course, launching in May 2024, is looking for employers to partner with Baldoyle to facilitate on-the-job experience.

The hospitality management and bar services management courses will be delivered under the Skills to Advance initiative.

The Skills to Advance initiative provides upskilling and reskilling opportunities to employees in jobs undergoing change and those currently employed in vulnerable sectors.

Employers who engage with the training centre are investing in their workforce by providing subsidised education and training to staff.


All courses include industry standard recognised certification, and more information can be found at

Accommodation Services Course – Launching May 2024

This eight-week short course in accommodation services combines classroom learning with practical education in the workplace.

There is no cost to employers who partner with Baldoyle Training Centre to facilitate on-the-job experience.

Baldoyle Training Centre will continue to pay participants a training allowance as they learn on the job. This provides an excellent opportunity for employers who are considering new hires or actively recruiting them.

Hospitality Management Course – Launching September 2024

The hospitality management course will focus on managing people, leadership and safety within the hospitality industry.


The dynamic course will enable participants to gain the knowledge and skills required to oversee the daily management of hospitality operations in a number of settings.

A combination of QQI Level 6 certified modules and on-the-job learning will enable participants to gain a deeper understanding of how the industry operates.

It will also offer participants insight into potential areas of improvement.

With industry experts guiding participants, they will be able to develop their own style of leadership.

Bar Services Management Course – Launching October 2024

The bar services management course is designed to provide existing bar staff with the opportunity to develop or enhance their skills.


Through the provision of management, safety and sustainability training, this course will ensure that participants gain an insight into streamlining bar operations while ensuring that both staff and customers feel safe and valued.

The course combines QQI-certified training, on-the-job learning and masterclasses, to ensure that participants who successfully complete the course will have the necessary skills to run an effective and efficient bar.

The masterclasses will create a unique and innovative learning experience for participants, while offering insights into industry trends.

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Perfect for employers looking to upskill staff, or an employee looking to upskill, Baldoyle’s courses aim to educate and promote excellence in the sector.

Get in touch with Baldoyle Training Centre for more information at 01 816 7400.

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