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Dublin Airport Continues Roll-Out Of New 3D Scanners

By Sarah O'Sullivan
Dublin Airport Continues Roll-Out Of New 3D Scanners

Dublin’s airport operator DAA has announced that the roll-out of new security scanning technology will continue over the coming months, RTÉ reported today.

Approximately one third of Dublin Airport’s existing X-ray scanners have already been replaced by the new machines.

The new scanners allow passengers to leave all liquids and laptops inside their cabin bags as they go through security.

They work similarly to CT scanners in hospitals, generating 3D images of passengers’ bags.

The airport is on track to replace all scanners in both terminals by October 2025, two months ahead of the regulatory deadline of December 2025.


Following a successful 12-month trial of the scanners in a number of lanes in both terminals, the DAA has proceeded with the change.

Dublin Airport has agreed to a supply and support partnership with Smiths Detection, which will provide the scanners.

The deal will last for 12 years and will extend to the installation of C3 scanners in Cork Airport, which is also operated by the DAA.

‘Busy Summer Ahead’

All scanners in Terminal 2 are due to be replaced by October of this year.

The managing director of Dublin Airport, Gary McLean, said, “The roll-out in Terminal 1 will take a little longer, with some reconfiguration works required to accommodate the new scanners, which are much bigger and heavier than the existing scanning machines.


“By the end of May, we’ll have four C3 scanners operational in T1, and then, with a very busy summer ahead, installation works will pause for the months of June, July and August, before resuming in September.

“The full installation of C3 scanners in Terminal 1 will be complete by October 2025.”

McLean added that passengers should be prepared to follow the usual protocols at security while the changes are being rolled out.

He said, “Once all scanners have been replaced, passengers will no longer have to remove liquids or electronics from hand luggage when going through security screening.

“For the moment, there’s no guarantee that you will be selected for a screening lane which has a new C3 scanner, so passengers should continue to prepare as normal for security, ensuring all liquids are under 100ml, with any laptops and tablets ready to be removed.”

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