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Dublin Named Best Value for Culture Tourism

By Steve Wynne-Jones
Dublin Named Best Value for Culture Tourism

Dublin is the cheapest city for cultural tourism, according to a survey comparing 17 major cities.

The Post Office Travel Money report carried out a study on 16 cities in Europe and New York, comparing the prices of the cities major cultural attractions that tourists would visit.

For Dublin, the sites chosen were the National Museum, National Gallery and Trinity College’s Old Library (pictured) and Book of Kells exhibit, as well as theatre events held in the city.

The report found that attending these sites and events would set a tourist back around €100, the cheapest of all the cities surveyed. A similar outing would cost €397 in London, €342 in Paris and €680 in New York, the most expensive of all the cities.

Dublin was cheaper than other popular cultural destinations such as Prague, Budapest and Warsaw, which had previously been touted as cheap cities for cultural tourism.