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Dublin Ranked 13th In Global Cities Report

By Dave Simpson
Dublin Ranked 13th In Global Cities Report

Knight Frank's 2018 Global Cities Report has revealed that the cost of locating 100 workers in Dublin is 38% lower than it is in London.

According to The Irish Independent, the report estimated that the cost for employing 100 staff per year in conventional office space in Dublin is €3,436,626, putting the Irish capital in the number 13 place among the 19 cities surveyed.

However, Dublin's relocation costs are still more expensive than those of its two greatest Brexit rivals, Frankfurt, where it would cost an average of €3,235,552 a year to locate 100 staff, and Amsterdam, where the average cost is €2,987,471. Dublin is a less expensive option than Paris though, one of its other chief post-Brexit rivals, where the average cost of locating 100 employees is €3,490,445.

Zurich was identified as the world's most expensive city to locate 100 staff members at €6,740,866 annually, with non-EU cities New York and San Francisco rounding out the top three at €5,884,812 and €5,680,141, respectively.

Commenting on the above information, Knight Frank director in Dublin Declan O'Reilly said, "Flexibility is highly valued in the tech industry due to the fast evolving nature of the sector which demands a high degree of adaptability to changing circumstances. With tech accounting for the lion's share of Dublin's office take-up, with Google, Facebook and Twitter all having their European Headquarters here, the industry has brought this emphasis on flexibility to Dublin's occupier market."