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Dublin's Litter Problem is a Threat to Tourism

By Steve Wynne-Jones
Dublin's Litter Problem is a Threat to Tourism

The litter problem in Dublin city centre is rising and could pose a threat to tourism, according to a survey by Irish Business Against Litter (Ibal).

While the survey found that overall results in the country improved, Dublin City and Dublin North Inner city were both classified as 'littered'. Farranree (Cork City), Athlone and Portlaoise were also given the low rating, although no town was considered a 'blackspot'.

On the other end of the scale, tourist hotspot Killarney was found to be the cleanest town in the survey, with Dungarvan, Tralee, Roscommon and Waterford city also coming off well.

Conor Horgan of Ibal commneted on the importance that maintaining clean streets holds on the city's image for visitors.

"Unfortunately, for Ireland to project a clean image, we need our capital city to be free of litter, and this year we are seeing a deterioration in cleanliness levels in Dublin city centre, and indeed several roads around Dublin Airport, where most of our visitors enter the country," he said.


Despite its low rating, Horgan noted the improvements in Dublin's north inner city, crediting the Dublin City Council for its work.

“While ‘littered’ status is clearly not good enough, we are seeing evidence that when a local authority concentrates its efforts on a problem area, it can bring about results," said Horgan.