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Flat Whites Most In Demand In Irish Coffee Shops

By Robert McHugh
Flat Whites Most In Demand In Irish Coffee Shops

Flat whites are the most popular type of coffee among consumers in Ireland, closely followed by americanos and cappuccinos.

This is according to new research from Square, the global technology company.

Irish Coffee Consumption

Coffee consumption in Ireland continues to rise, with almost two thirds (62%) of the population now coffee drinkers.

“We can talk about the data, which shows year-over-year increases in coffee sales nationwide, and what that means for the coffee culture in Ireland, but it’s frankly unsurprising to me that the country that gave us Guinness would have a special affinity for another dark, creamy, and slightly bitter drink,” said Ara Kharazian, research and data lead at Square.

Flat Whites

The flat white leads as the most popular type of coffee among Irish consumers, accounting for more than a quarter (25.4%) of all coffee sales in Ireland, according to Square data.


This was closely followed by americanos, accounting for 22.1% of all coffee sales, and cappuccinos (22%).


Lattes were only the fourth-most popular type of coffee among Irish consumers, accounting for fewer than a fifth (19.4%) of all coffee sales in the country.

Cold-brew coffees were the least popular type of coffee in Ireland, responsible for only 0.1% of all sales, followed by espressos, at 1.7%, and macchiatos, at just 0.3%.

Average Price

The average price of a flat white in Ireland currently stands at €3.60, compared to €3.30 for an americano and €3.70 for either a cappuccino or a latte.

Cold-brew coffees are the most expensive type of coffee in Ireland, with an average price of €4.35, followed by mochas, at €4.10, while espressos were typically the cheapest, at around €2.90.


Alternative Milks

While dairy milk is still, by far, the most popular among Irish consumers when choosing coffee, Square’s study shows that alternative milks are gaining popularity.

Oat milk is well ahead of other alternative milks, with more than three quarters (77%) of Irish coffee drinkers who prefer alternative milks opting for it, followed by coconut (14%) and almond (6%) milks.

‘Punchy Yet Smooth’

“A flat white is what we’d describe in Hatch as a ‘punchy yet smooth’ coffee option – it’s that perfect ratio of a perfectly pulled double espresso shot and smooth, creamy milk, which hits the spot, but isn’t overpowering,” said Mealla Tarrant, founder and owner of Hatch Coffee.

“We’ve also noticed the rise of oat milk among our coffee drinkers. Its neutral flavour and creamy mouthfeel pair pretty perfectly with coffee, so I’d imagine we are going to see that trend continue to rise.”