FSAI Warns of Fake Bottles of Smirnoff Red Label Being Sold

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FSAI Warns of Fake Bottles of Smirnoff Red Label Being Sold

The Food Safety Authority of Ireland has issued a warning that counterfeit Smirnoff red label has been found on sale in the country.

Smirnoff say that these one-litre bottles were not produced by them. The counterfeit vodka was found to have 32% alcohol content rather than the 37.5% volume in genuine Smirnoff vodka.

Consumers can tell the difference between the real and fake bottles by the label - the fake has a false Irish address on the label while labels with the UK markings are genuine.

"The counterfeit vodka was found on sale in the retail and pub sectors. Food businesses should only source stock from registered distributors and wholesalers, as it is their legal responsibility to ensure the food and drink they are selling complies with all food safety and traceability requirements." FSAI chief executive Prof Alan Reilly told The Irish Times.

The origin of the false Smirnoff is unknown. FSAI say that id people have the product in their house that was purchased over 18 months ago and states 'Produced in Ireland' on the label, it is completely legitimate.

Diageo Ireland and FASI has asked anyone with information or who sports counterfeit products to contact them at the Diageo Consumer helpline on on 1850 25 00 00 or FASI on 1890 33 66 77 or at [email protected].