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Irish Coastal Hotspots Enjoy Spending Rush Thanks To Sunshine, Says BOI

By Dave Simpson
Irish Coastal Hotspots Enjoy Spending Rush Thanks To Sunshine, Says BOI

Bank of Ireland debit and credit card spending in May 2023 rose by 18% when compared to April's outlay, according to the latest Bank of Ireland Spending Pulse.


As consumers nationwide rushed to soak up the sun, May's spending data showed a timely boost across several business sectors - with retail expenditure increasing by 21% and social spending up by 16%.

May's spending boom was highlighted as the sun shone in popular coastal locations, where a yearly comparison with May 2022 revealed that people splashed out in favoured spots like Howth (+30%), Enniscrone (+28%), Baltimore (+23%), Dunmore East (+21%), Rosslare (+14%) and Lahinch (+6%). These seaside haunts all enjoyed an influx of visitors, whilst nationwide boat rentals ticked upwards by 70%, sales in tent shops rose by 54%, and spending on bus transport went up by 29%.

The retail sector rebounded from a somewhat subdued April by posting a 21% spending increase in May, as clothes spending went up by 25% and groceries by 22%. The social sector also entered the summer months on the front foot, with pub expenditure climbing by 26%, spending on fast-food going up by 19% and restaurant outlay growing by 18%. Savvy motorists filled up their tanks ahead of a fuel price rise at the start of June, with outlay on fuel rising by 51% in the week leading up to 31 May, compared to the previous week.

Young people led the way in the spending stakes in May, with teenagers (13 - 17-year-olds) and 18 - 25-year-olds both posting a spending increase of +23%. These age groups were closely followed by 26 - 35-year-olds (+21%), while the over-65’s still enjoyed themselves but more sedately, posting a 16% rise. As the population got out and about more, in-person card spending in May stood at 59%, compared to online spend of 41%.


Commenting on Bank of Ireland's May Spending Pulse, Jilly Clarkin, head of customer journeys & SME markets at Bank of Ireland, said, "The sustained spell of sunshine Ireland enjoyed in May was a welcome relief and provided a boost for retailers. Spending on motor homes rose by 17% compared to April as people hit the highways and byways, whilst cinema spending dropped by 24% - so the contrast paints a very clear picture.

"Accommodation spending was up 14%, and hoteliers, B&B owners and resort operators will all be hoping that the months ahead are going to feature several sun-kissed days. The yearly comparison for May shows how spending levels soared in coastal locations, so it’s likely that we'll continue to flock to the beaches, lakes and camping grounds over the coming months if the fine weather lasts."

BOI Debit And Credit Card Transactions: May 2023 Vs April 2023


Boat Rentals                           +70%

Tent shops                              +54%

Beauty Spas                            +28%

Pharmacies                             +23%

Accommodation                     +14%

Road tolls                                 +12%












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