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Japanese Governemnt Lifts Ban On Irish Beef Imports

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Japanese Governemnt Lifts Ban On Irish Beef Imports

The Irish government have officially announced that Japan has agreed to lift the ban on Irish beef imports.

The ban was imposed 13 years ago because of the BSE outbreak that plagued Ireland. Now, the markets are reopened and will give the Irish beef industry a big boost.

The announcement came after Toaiseach Enda Kenny and Minister for Food and Agriculture Simon Coveney's met with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe in Tokyo.

"We reckon that this is worth about €15m a year, based on the fact that it was worth €10m in 2000 and we have to rebuild the market." Toaiseach said to the Irish Independent.

"Japan is a sophisticated market with sophisticated consumers, who are seeking a beef product which Ireland can provide." Mr Coveney added.


The Toaiseach will be in Japan until Friday, accompanied by by representatives from 29 Irish companies, trying to establish ties with Japanese businesses.

The Toaiseach is attempting to establish similar ties with China.