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Kildare's Hospitality Businesses Generate €127M Per Year

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Kildare's Hospitality Businesses Generate €127M Per Year

A new report by the Drinks Industry Group of Ireland (DIGI) has stated that hospitality and drink businesses such as pubs, hotels, off-licences, restaurants, wholesalers and producers employ 7,309 people in Kildare and generate €127 million for the county's economy.

According to the, such businesses also purchase €1.3 million in agricultural outputs and pay out €155.9 million in wages per year.

DIGI member and proprietor of Brady's Clockhouse in Maynooth Declan Kennedy commented that "The findings of this DIGI report clearly show the huge importance of the drinks and hospitality sector to Kildare's economy."

He then added that "it's also clear that the sector is in a precarious position as a result of high levels of excise tax on alcohol and the impact of Brexit. Our pub culture is a huge draw for tourists, but with fewer British tourists visiting Ireland due to reduced spending power, our pubs, hotels, restaurants and off-licences will do less business. We must take action to avoid job losses and that requires a reduction in excise tax to make Ireland a better value holiday destination."