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Ryanair Suing Google and 'Screenscraper' Website

By Steve Wynne-Jones
Ryanair Suing Google and 'Screenscraper' Website

Ryanair is suing Google Ireland and Spanish online travel agency eDreams over alleged infringements of trademarks and intellectual property rights.

According to the Irish Times, the airline is claiming damages from Google and the so-called 'screenscraper' site eDreams over advertising by ecommerce group on search engine’s AdWords service.

The airline has accused the site of falsely representing its booking services being connected with Ryanair's own website. It also wants the website to refrain from using the Ryanair name in its Google search ads.

Previously, the airline threatened legal action against the two companies as it claimed that because the are placed above Ryanair's own website on Google searches, "numerous" customers are buying through these third-party sites assuming it is associated with Ryanair.

In response to its claims, eDreams said that the proceedings are “clearly just another attempt from Ryanair to stop on-line travel agencies from offering consumers the best price and choice when it comes to booking flights”.

The case will be heard in the Commercial Court again in the new year.