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Ryanair Transatlantic Flights 'Four To Five Years Away'

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Ryanair Transatlantic Flights 'Four To Five Years Away'

Ryanair's communications chief has said that the low-cost airline wont be flying from Waterford airport again, explaining that the runway is too short for its Boeing 737 jets and that "the motorway to Dublin is too good", reports

Despite Waterford Airport receiving €870,000 in government aid earlier this year, it has no scheduled passenger services as a result of VLM Airlines filing for bankruptcy, with the funding being dependent on flights resuming from there.

Speaking at the Holiday World Show in Dublin’s RDS, Kiely said that there would be on-board wifi "only if you’re willing to pay for it", adding that the current technology does not make it cost-effective for the airline. According to Kiely, Ryanair's transatlantic flights are "at least four to five years away" due to there being "so much capacity still left in Europe," adding "we have more of Europe to conquer before we conquer the world".

"The Norwegian government, in their wisdom, decided to bring in an environmental tax and charge €8 for every passenger that was taking off from Norway. As a result of that, we closed our base in Oslo Rygge," replied Kiely when asked the reason for Ryanair pulling its Dublin to Oslo route.