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Ryanair's New Bag Policy Comes Into Effect January 15

By Dave Simpson
Ryanair's New Bag Policy Comes Into Effect January 15

Ryanair has issued a statement reminding customers that its new cabin bag policy will come into effect next Monday (January 15). Under the new policy, only priority boarding customers (including Plus, Flexi Plus & Family Plus) will be allowed to bring two carry-on bags on the aircraft.

All other customers will still be afforded a two-bag allowance, but will only be allowed to bring one smaller carry-on bag on board, while their second, bigger bag will be placed in the hold at the boarding gate, free of charge.

Ryanair has already introduced new reduced checked bag fees and increased check-in bag sizes to encourage more customers to check in bags and reduce the number of customers with 2 bags at the boarding gates. Since September, the check-in bag allowance has increased from 15kg to 20kg for all bags and the standard check-in bag fee has been cut from €/£35 to €/£25 for this 20kg bag.

Commenting on the new policy, Ryanair’s Kenny Jacobs said, "This new policy is fair, will speed up boarding and will elimate any risk of Ryanair flights being delayed because of too many bags being brought on board."