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Six New Mountain Bike Trails To Open In Dublin's Glencullen Adventure Park

By Dave Simpson
Six New Mountain Bike Trails To Open In Dublin's Glencullen Adventure Park

Six new mountain bike trails will open in Dublin's Glencullen Adventure Park (GAP) on September 4.

GAP And Test Riders Statements

A statements published on the said, "This month, we invited 30 riders out to session the six new highly-anticipated trails of the GAP new up top section. Judging from the response of the riders, you've never seen anything like this in Ireland before.

"Speaking to world-renowned enduro rider Dan Wolfe after his first few runs down Hard Shoulder, the new Triple Black Jump line, he had this to say: 'It's unreal, it's actually quite strange riding something of this level in Ireland…we've never had something like this, but yeah it's a world class jump trail!'

"Ste Mac says, '..I've just done a couple runs down [Hard Shoulder] and it's just absolutely amazing, so good, feels like you're riding abroad, the jumps are just amazing…it's just top notch…'

"Mark McCabe, world-class DJ turned downhill adrenaline junkie said, 'So good, just every one of them, so good every trail, so good! And the more they get ridden, the better they get! Some of the lads here today sending it on the big jumps and it’s just like, wow.' We hear ya Mark!!


"Al Redmond, aka Trail Advisor, said on Rim Dinge'r, 'It's class!! Really, really good, it's the red trail very jumpy, very bermy, I had a bit of an audience up there screaming me on as well so I was a bit nervous but it's really cool…really, really cool!'

"Sinead got a hold of elite female racer Hannah Mullin after coming down the revamp of the black tech track Loam Neeson and Hannah said, 'It was wild it was just so like techy there was a bit there I had to unclip and I didn't get clipped back in until about half way down it was just mad! Root, root, root, rock, rock, but it’s really fun at the same time.'

"World-class rider Gavin Carroll said, 'It's absolutely insane. I've never ridden anything like it in Ireland, the standard of jumps is just insane the speed and the way they're built so safely and your jumping 40 odd foot literally bumping up the progression in Irish mountain biking!' High praise coming from Gav!

"Caitriona Brady, aka Catmtbpilot, had said on the day, 'Oh my god! It was amazing, I absolutely loved it! It's so well built, loved it!…some of the table tops are really nice, I was just rolling them this time, but I'd imagine that even I should be capable of doing them, so I'm excited to get back up there and do it again!'"

Trails Names And Special Thanks

The statement on added, "Trail Names: Loam Neeson (Black Technical); Rock Stacker (Black Technical); Bee-Line (Blue Flow); Hard Shoulder (Triple Black!); In Stitches (Red Jump); [and] Rim Dinge'r (Red Technical).


"Trails opening September 4th, 2021…Special thanks to Back On Track Trail Builders, Leader Funding Programme, Dun Loaghaire Rathdown County Coucil, AV Marquee, Adrian Van Der Lee, Mark McCabe, Red Bull, The GAP Kitchen Café, all the riders who joined us and the staff for help making it possible. Roll on September 4th!"

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