50,000 Hotel Guests to Fill Census Forms

By Steve Wynne-Jones
50,000 Hotel Guests to Fill Census Forms

Hotel and guesthouse managers face a big challenge on Sunday 24 April, as an estimated 50,000 guests will have to fill out the Census 2016 forms on site.

The IHF estimates that 50,000 people staying in 800 hotels and 200 guesthouses across the country will have to fill out the compulsory forms, creating a big challenge for managers.

Speaking to The Irish Times, Deirdre Cullen of the CSO said that generally guests staying in hotels are cooperative if the process is facilitated by hotel managers.

“They understand the statutory nature of it. The hotel manager has an important role to play in this. So it’s their duty and responsibility to get a census form to every guest,” she said.

The census forms for hotels are given out on a one-per-person basis and are given on the day only to people staying overnight.

When the census was conducted five years ago, 21,440 visitors from outside Ireland were counted staying in hotels and guesthouses across the country.