Aghadoe Heights Launches Initiative To Become More 'Environmentally Green'

By Dave Simpson
Aghadoe Heights Launches Initiative To Become More 'Environmentally Green'

Co. Kerry's five-star Aghadoe Heights Hotel & Spa is “going green” in more than one way this St. Patrick’s Day. Joining in the country’s revelry, the hotel will not only be bathed in a shower of green light on March 17, but the team will also be launching their newly established initiative to be a more environmentally green business. The team will be working together to implement effective plans to make the hotel even more environmentally friendly, adding to the measures that are already in place.

“At the top of the list is our aim to reduce our dependence on single use plastic” said General Manager Niall Coffey. “With an ocean that is struggling to cope with mass amounts of plastic and the devastating damage this is having on our planet, The Aghadoe Heights Hotel will join other environmentally friendly businesses and launch our ban on plastic straws.”

From now on, the hotel will only be using environmentally friendly and fully biodegradable straws in its two restaurants, The Lake Room and The Heights Lounge. More environmentally friendly initiatives will be launched on a monthly basis.