Dublin Pub To Be Replaced By Aparthotel

By Dave Simpson
Dublin Pub To Be Replaced By Aparthotel

Plans to demolish Scruffy Murphy's pub off of Mount Street in Dublin to construct a new aparthotel have been approved, despite objections from people living in the local area.

The Irish Independent reports that planning permission was originally sought to develop a 36 suite aparthotel on the site, but that the number of rooms will now be reduced due to Dublin City Council ruling that the venue can only encompass five storeys instead of six. The proposed aparthotel will also include a restaurant, bar and café on its ground floor.

Local residents had expressed concerns over the scale of the development as well as the potential increase in noise and traffic levels it could cause. However, the council decided to green-light the proposal on the basis that the building housing Scruffy Murphy's pub is vacant and in poor condition.

The council's report added, "Therefore, the appropriate redevelopment is considered beneficial to the surrounding area."