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Fitzsimons Hotel Spends More Than €1k Per Day On Entertainment

Published on Aug 17 2017 2:18 PM in Hotel tagged: Dublin / Temple Bar / Temple Bar Tavern Ltd / Fitzsimons Hotel

Fitzsimons Hotel Spends More Than €1k Per Day On Entertainment

New accounts released for Temple Bar Tavern Ltd reveal that Dublin's Fitzsimons Hotel spent close to €378,000 on music, entertainment and royalties in 2015.

According to The Irish Independent, the breakdown of the accounts shows that Fitzsimons spent €1,035 per day on entertainment in 2015, amounting to a total of €318,746 spent on "music and entertaining" for the whole year, with an extra €59,215 going towards music royalties.

The accounts also show that Temple Bar Tavern Ltd recorded a 4% rise in revenue to €5 million at Fitzsimons in 2015 and a drop in pre-tax losses from 2014's €407,722 to €64,612.

Additionally, the hotel's expenditure on security for the same period amounted to €315,406, while insurance costs came to €126,709, contract cleaning costs totalled €121,941, and legal and professional fees were €199,337. On top of that, Fitzsimons' rates bill in 2015 was €158,627 and staff costs amounted to €1.47 million.

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