Limerick's Castletroy Hotel To Undergo €6M Refurbishment

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Limerick's Castletroy Hotel To Undergo €6M Refurbishment

Following the news earlier this year that Pat McDonagh would be investing over €9 million in Limerick city developments, the Supermacs and Só Hotels owner has now announced plans for a €6 million refurbishment of Limerick's Castletroy Park Hotel, which will involve increasing its current size by almost 50% over the next year and a half.

The Limerick Post reports that the hotel will be also be bestowed with a state-of-the-art fitness and leisure facility as well as a new cooperate business hub, while the process of renovating the venue will generate 110 jobs with a further 40 permanent employment opportunities being created in the hotel itself. It's thought that the project will pump approximately €30 million into Limerick's economy between now and 2027.

McDonagh proclaimed that his investment in the city is a vote of confidence in Limerick, noting that "The region is now a business hot spot and the physical infrastructure around the city is changing dramatically."

A planning permission application for the hotel's refurbishment is due to be lodged with Limerick City and County Council this week.