The Mackin Group Invests In Hospitality Industry After Restructure

By Robert McHugh
The Mackin Group Invests In Hospitality Industry After Restructure

The Mackin Group has announced that it is restructuring its business to introduce a property portfolio to the group.

Founded in 2004 as a professional services company, Mackin Group now boasts a 250-strong team across its seven international offices.

Property Portfolio

The Cork-based group is adding a property portfolio to its business ventures with the purchase and renovation of a hotel in Ireland, another in America, and investment properties and the roll-out of co-working spaces across the US.

The reshuffle follows Mackin Group’s injection of 120 jobs into its global labour force in recent years and the acquisition of UK-based recruitment firm Greybridge Search & Selection exactly 12 months ago.

New Structure

“This new structure is such a positive milestone for us and evidence of our continued growth amid a strong demand for the quality and focus of our services within the international market,” said Andy Mackin, who founded the group following his retirement at just age 39 from the Navy, wherein he served for 21 years.


“We look forward to further growth and a bright and expansive future for Mackin Group under our new structure.”

Hospitality Industry

The Mackin Group recently purchased the Derryhale Hotel in Dundalk, as well as the Firehouse Inn in the US, both of which form part of Mackin’s newly established Roy’s International hotel chain.

This could be seen as a clear pathway into the hospitality industry for the Mackin Group.

The Derryhale Hotel

Andy Mackin will now lead the new property division of the group, which includes the Derryhale Hotel, in his native Dundalk, the Firehouse Inn in North Carolina, US, and MackinGO, a range of rural co-working spaces across the US.

The Derryhale Hotel is currently being refurbished into a luxury 22-bedroom boutique hotel.


‘Close To My Heart’

“Derryhale is a project particularly close to my heart, as a native of Dundalk, and following my father Roy’s sudden passing in recent years,” said Mackin.

“I’m proud to be able to give something back to the ‘town’, and to hopefully leave a legacy in my dad’s honour and name. Derryhale, and indeed the other properties in Mackin’s portfolio, reflect my continued ambition and open-minded perspective to business and life. I’m as passionate as ever about my business endeavours, the people we work with, and the service and contribution we make.”

Mackin Professional Services (MPS)

Meanwhile, Fiona Donnelly will take up her new role as CEO of Mackin Professional Services (MPS) on 21 October.

MPS is the professional services division encompassing Mackin EHS (Environment, Health and Safety), Mackin Talent, and Greybridge Search & Selection.

Donnelly, who joined the Mackin Group in 2019, as a management consultant, was quickly promoted to the position of chief operations officer months later.


‘Rapid Expansion’

“Restructuring is a natural and necessary step, at a governance level, for the business in the context of such rapid expansion and diversification,” said Donnelly.

“It’s an exciting and positive milestone, and another chapter in our growth and success story.”