McKeever Group Says Sterling Exchange Rate Is Impacting Business

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McKeever Group Says Sterling Exchange Rate Is Impacting Business

Family run Northern Irish hotel group McKeever has said that there's been a significant decrease in the number of people from Northern Ireland traveling to its sole venue in the Republic due to currency exchange rates being poor at the moment.

As reported by The Irish Times, the company has proclaimed that the current weakness of sterling in relation to the euro has made the prospect of a trip to Dillons Hotel of Letterkenny seem far less attractive to potential travelers from the North.

While July is usually one of the busiest months of the year for tourists travelling to Donegal from Northern Ireland, it's thought that the relative weakness of the pound could curb the number of Northern Irish residents who visit the county this year.

However, the McKeever Group, who just announced its acquisition of Antrim's Dunadry hotel, has asserted that it still intends to continue investing in the tourism and hospital industries in both Northern and Southern Ireland, despite the setbacks resulting from the devaluation of the pound.