Merrion Hotel Expansion To Begin Next Year

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Merrion Hotel Expansion To Begin Next Year

An extension to the five star Merrion Hotel, on Merrion Street in Dublin, will start in January, according to a report in the Irish Times today. As part of the expansion there will be a new wing which will have room for 20 suites on three floors, with a penthouse and garden terrace. This wing will be located above new retail units which will be located along Baggot Street.

Work on the extension will begin in the new year, with the demolition of an existing office block which currently fronts onto Baggot Street. Extension plans had previously been delayed due to an objection from a local florist. Landmark Investment Company, which owns the hotel, finally obtained planning permission in April.

According to the paper: "It is envisaged the expansion will include a new restaurant for the hotel, as well as accommodating an extension to the Michelin two-star Patrick Guilbaud restaurant."

Martin Naughton, part-owner of the hotel, is optimistic that the project could be completed within 12 months. Speaking to the Irish Times, he said: "They say it's going to take two years, but I can't see it happening that way, so I would expect it to be 12 months, with two years an outside projection."