The Merrion Hotel Dublin Signs Renewable Electricity Deal

By Robert McHugh
The Merrion Hotel Dublin Signs Renewable Electricity Deal

The Merrion Hotel in Dublin has signed a new 21-month Corporate Power Purchase Agreement (CPPA) with energy supplier Flogas Enterprise.

Flogas Enterprise is the division of Flogas that works with industrial and commercial customers and renewable energy producers.

The Merrion said this new CPPA will ensure that the hotel is powered by 100% renewable electricity harnessed from wind energy.

Carbon Footprint

A Corporate Power Purchase Agreement, or CPPA, is an agreement whereby a company purchases electricity directly from a wind farm or solar farm.

Demand for renewable CPPAs is growing in Ireland as companies are looking to reduce their carbon footprint and while gaining budget certainty in an unpredictable energy market.


Sustainability Ambitions

The Merrion is the first hotel in Ireland to sign a CPPA, which will allow the company to purchase renewable electricity directly from one of Ireland’s first ever wind farms, Cronalaght Wind Farm in Gweedore, Co. Donegal, opened in 1997.

This CPPA will meet 60% of The Merrion Hotel’s annual electricity requirements and support its sustainability ambitions to reduce its carbon emissions by 530 tonnes of CO2.

'100% Renewable'

“From the energy used to power our hotel building, to the food served in our restaurants, renewable electricity is a vital pillar in the Merrion’s sustainable journey and this new CPPA marks a significant milestone," said Gerard Mountaine, Facilities Manager at the Merrion Hotel, Dublin.

"By working with Flogas Enterprise, we’ll be making positive changes to become more energy efficient, reduce our energy bills and ensure the electricity supplied to The Merrion is certified as 100% renewable.”