The Savoy Hotel In London Unveils Luxury Auction Event

By Robert McHugh
The Savoy Hotel In London Unveils Luxury Auction Event

The Savoy Hotel in London will be launching an auction event where over 1,800 articles will be sold as the hotel undergoes a refurbishment, all while remaining open to guests.

The upcoming auction promises to be 'a monumental event', offering an extensive range of items that have graced its rooms and halls, over its 130 year history.

'Complete Transformation'

“This is going to be a complete transformation of the Thames Foyer and Upper Thames, and we are so excited to unveil our new, vibrant dining destination and outlets later in the year," said Franck Arnold, managing director at The Savoy Hotel London.

"The new dining concept will harmoniously blend tradition with innovation, ensuring our guests have the perfect setting to relax, drink, and dine, and enjoy a truly unique Savoy experience.”


Among the remarkable lots on sale are treasures from the Personality Suites, named after some of the most famous guests who have stayed at The Savoy. Bidders will have the chance to acquire memorabilia linked to stars like Frank Sinatra, Marilyn Monroe, and Sir Winston Churchill.


The auction will feature an array of fine art, bespoke furniture, and handcrafted luxury pieces that have adorned The Savoy’s rooms.

Historical Significance

The collection includes items from the hotel’s 267 luxury rooms and suites, decorated in either an elegant Edwardian or Art Deco style.

The auction will offer the opportunity to buy intricately designed mirrors and plush sofas to exquisite tables and chairs, each item has been selected for its quality and historical significance.

Thames Foyer

In addition to the guestroom furniture, the iconic Thames Foyer at The Savoy will be undergoing a major transformation. Bookings for the Thames Foyer will close on Thursday, August 22, 2024.

The next day, on August 23, a public auction will be held to sell the contents, spearheaded by Pro Auction, in preparation for a full renovation of the space.


New Dining Concept

The Thames Foyer is set to reopen in early November 2024 with a completely new design, name, food and beverage concept, and menu.

The glass-domed atrium has been the home of the famous Savoy afternoon tea for over a century.

The reimagined space aims to elevate the experience for The Savoy’s clientele, turning it into 'a vibrant new dining destination on London’s culinary scene.'

First Phase

The first phase auction will be held in The Savoy’s ballroom on August 8, 2024, starting at 10.00am.

Viewing is by appointment on August 7, 2024. The sale catalogue is available at Bidspotter.