17 Year Old Vows to Be the 'Tony Ryan of Hospitality'

By Steve Wynne-Jones
17 Year Old Vows to Be the 'Tony Ryan of Hospitality'

Seventeen year old Eamonn O'Shea has said he will be the next Charlie Chawke as he opens a new nightclub in his family's pub in Ballyfermot, Dublin.

The teenager, who doesn't turn 18 until September, will open 'Gatsby Dublin' in the upstairs function room in The 79 Inn, which his mother and father own.

Speaking to the Evening Herald, O'Shea likened himself to renowned publicans Charlie Chawke and Louis Fitzgerald and vowed to "make a bigger impact on hospitality than Tony Ryan did to aviation in Ireland."

O'Shea can work in the nightclub legally due to a law allowing 17 year olds to work as long as food is served. His father Eamonn Snr said that no other underage people will be on the premises, however.

"There certainly won't be underage drinking, that goes without saying. He's 17 and he doesn't drink," he said.

O'Shea has hired 10 of his friends to promote the event, aiming to sell 250 tickets at €12 a head. The young man has big ambitions for his future, hoping to one day open a pub in Temple Bar.