Fitzgerald Family Book €66m Dividend

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Fitzgerald Family Book €66m Dividend

Leading Irish publicans the Fitzgerald family, owners of Dublin pubs such as The Quays in Temple Bar, Kehoes and The Big Tree, have booked a dividend of €66 million.

The Irish Independent reports that the dividend for the family follows a restructuring of the Louis Fitzgerald-led business, while Fitzgerald's Ocsas Holdings Ltd made a profit of €46m last year from the internal group transfer.

The report adds that some of the pub businesses transferred to the Fitzgerald entity, Velves Ltd, at a net book value in November 2014 include the Quays Bar in Temple Bar, the Big Tree, Kehoes and the Louis Fitzgerald hotel.

Ocsas recorded a pre-tax profit of €49.89m in the 12 months to the end of June last.