Gathering Of Global Irish Pub Owners In Dublin

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Gathering Of Global Irish Pub Owners In Dublin

Love them or hate them, the Irish pub abroad can boast sales of €3 billion each year. The owners and managers of these establishments from all over the world are hosting their very own Gathering event in Dublin next week.

The Irish pub “diaspora” is undoubtedly a major market, and those associated will flock to the Burlington Hotel in Dublin from 29 September to 1 October.

Here, they aim to discuss the future of the Irish pubs, while also it should prove to be a connecting and networking chance for Irish Pub operators at an unprecedented level.

The event is being organized by Irish pubs Global, and its president Enda O'Coineen says that there should be an effort among all Irish pubs to push up standards in what is a challenging time for the industry.

It will include workshops, social events, demonstrations as well as pub panels for Irish-pub owners.