Government To Lift Good Friday Alcohol Ban For All Premises

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Government To Lift Good Friday Alcohol Ban For All Premises

Following the news in April that pubs will be permitted to open on Good Friday from 2018, it's now been announced that the government is to ensure that the ban on selling alcohol will be lifted for all premises and not just pubs.

While a Private Member's Bill previously tabled by Independent Senator Billy Lawless that sought to abolish the ban for pubs and off-licences met with no objection from Minister for Justice Frances Fitzgerald, she said that it would lead to further legal anomalies.

The Irish Times reports that, as a result, Fitzgerald will be requesting today (May 13) that her Cabinet colleagues consider amendments to allow restaurants, clubs and hotels to sell alcohol on Good Friday as well.

A source from the government stated that the Bill, in its current form, does not allow for the sale of alcohol in restaurants and hotels, and "it would not apply in the case of registered clubs. It would therefore introduce further anomalies and unfair trading conditions in respect of alcohol on Good Friday."

Fitzgerald's proposed amendments would prevent the above anomalies by permitting all licenced premises to sell alcohol on Good Friday.