Irish Pubs Faring Better Than The Irish Football Team

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Irish Pubs Faring Better Than The Irish Football Team

The Republic of Ireland may not have qualified for this year's World Cup but that hasn't has much of an effect on publicans around the country, who still seem to be cashing in on the tournament's popularity.

Several Dublin pubs, including The Living Room on Cathal Brugha Street, are charging entry fees to watch the matches in their venues. This has not deterred the punters, with fans queuing up in their droves to watch the matches on big screens.

It seems that most pubs around the country are offering drinks promotions, which now seem to be almost obligatory for any sporting event. There are also competitions such as get a free pint if you predict the winning team, the first goalscorer or the score.

Top marks go to Roisin Dubh in Galway which is holding perhaps the most attractive promotion, but which very nearly backfired on them. During Brazil's trouncing on Tuesday night the pub was dropping the price of German Erdinger and Brazilain Brahma by 50 cent every time the respective team scored. Unfortunately for the pub, this meant that by the end of the match the price of Erdinger had dropped to 50 cent. However, the owners weren't too upset as it drew a crowd to the popular music venue; there were only about 80 people in the pub to begin with, but as the word spread the numbers reached about 150 for the second half. The pub also managed to garner lots of positive publicity and, according to the owners, people didn't take unfair advantage of the offer. Brahma only dropped by 50 cent in the 90th minute which, like the Brazilian team, was a case of too little, too late, with no one ordering it before it returned to its normal price after the match.

The pub ran the same promotion for the Argentina v. Netherlands on Wednesday night, but luckily their bar sales did not take quite as much of a hammering. They also plan to run the same promotion for the final on Sunday. It will be interesting to see if any other pubs try to go one better.