"Rooster Cogburn" Named Ireland's Tastiest Whiskey Cocktail At Global Gathering Of Pubs

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"Rooster Cogburn" Named Ireland's Tastiest Whiskey Cocktail At Global Gathering Of Pubs

A unique whiskey cocktail mixing challenge which was the centre piece of the recent Global Gathering of Irish pub owners, saw Dundrum creation,'The Rooster Cogburn' crowned champion.

The "Beam Cocktail Challenge" was put in motion by the Gathering event organizers Irish Pubs Global as well as DIT's Bar Management Studies course and Beam. It brought together DIT students in a unique cocktail challenge for all the delegates attending the gathering from over 22 countries.

Prizes were awarded for three best original cocktail recipes based on Kilbeggan Irish whiskey. Special Irish Pubs Global Gathering Event ‘Mixologist’ Certificates and prizes were presented to the winners by Ms. Jennifer Graham (Brand Ambassador, Kilbeggan Distillery Company) and Enda O’Coineen (Honorary President Irish Pubs Global).

Cian Hamilton from Dundrum House won the overall competition with his unique cocktail called "The Rooster Cogburn", which used Kilbeggan Irish Whiskey, blackberries, lemon juice, orange bitters, twist black pepper and honey syrup.

In second place was Victor Petrakov from Saba Restaurant in Dublin with his creation, "The Bitter Beg". It was made from mixing Kilbeggan whiskey with cranberry juice, balackcurrant and vanilla tea sugar syrup and lemon juice.


"Beam and the Giant Peach", by Play Nightclub's Andrew Kennedy came third in the competition and mixed the whiskey with Peach Schnapps, apricot brandy, lime juice and honey.

A top lineup of speakers and events featured at the Irish pub owner's gathering in Dublin's Burlington Hotel from 29 September to 1 October. The event described itself as "filling a void" by connecting Irish Pub Owners from around the world as the ‘frontline’ of Ireland in the hospitality sector.