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Scottish Pubs Must Appeal To Women To Survive

Published on Sep 24 2012 8:46 PM in Pub/Bar/Nightclub

Scottish Pubs Must Appeal To Women To Survive

A recent study by brewer Molson Coors has warned Scottish pubs to offer something extra to the community and attract female customers if they are to survive. According to the report, almost one-third (32 per cent) of Scots visit their local pub at least twice a month, with the brewer noting that Scots are more likely to visit the pub than the social club or the community centre. Opposing this bright outlook, however, are the study's findings that between 2007 and 2012 a total of 703 community pubs closed throughout Scotland. Accordingly, Molson Coors' report warns that Scottish community pubs will have to think of more innovative events and offerings if they are to survive, thereby taking a leaf out of English pubs' books. The report highlighted the example of one Swede, Anna Christopherson, who has bought pubs in Edinburgh and developed them with her husband Mike as community hubs with activities ranging from jogging clubs to film nights, knitting and language classes. Ms Christopherson said: "People come in to try something they'll think they would enjoy, and then they come back. They gradually become our friends. For us that's important - to be part of a community in a really urban area." Molson Coors suggests an important change in strategy would be to move away from depending on the middle-aged man demographic and instead look towards females, who were found to be becoming increasingly fond of pubs.

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