'The Irish Pub' Documentary To Hit Cinemas This Friday

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'The Irish Pub' Documentary To Hit Cinemas This Friday

Visiting every corner of Ireland to find some of the more famous public houses, as well as some of the more well regarded hidden gems, a feature length documentary about one of the greatest institutions to Irish society is receiving favorable reviews ahead of this Friday's release.

'The Irish Pub' is described as "a love letter to a cornerstone of Irish personality, and one of our nation's most loved past-times", or more specifically, the characters who run and frequent them.

The film consists of interviews with pub owners all over Ireland, exploring the unique place of pubs in Irish society. The characters in this film all run and own pubs that have been in their families for generations.

Rory Cashin, who is a movie critic with, said its "as much a celebration of the Irish personality as it is our everlasting love for a few jars".

In an interview with IFTN, director Alex Fagan explained his selection process for what pubs were selected to be part of the heart warming documentary.


"Pubs that I really wanted to film were ones that had at least three generations behind them and the types of pubs that you wouldn’t see elsewhere in England or America. I chose pubs which were specific and unique to Ireland," he said.

The film was made in association with the Irish FIlm Board and was almost a year in the making.