Upturn Breathes New Life into West Cork Pubs

By Steve Wynne-Jones
Upturn Breathes New Life into West Cork Pubs

The improving economy and increased tourism presence in the west of Ireland has given two pubs in Co. Cork the chance to buck the trend of closing pubs.

Two pubs based in West Cork - The Wild Atlantic Bar in Agridole and Connolly's in Leap - have both reopened their doors after a prolonged period of closure.

Connolly's, closed since November 2006, has reopened after a nine-year gap, while The Wild Atlantic Bar served its first customers since 2013. According to the Irish Examiner, both bars closed due to economic factors, but with renewed optimism in the bar trade have opened once again. Both pubs underwent renovations before their reopening.

More than 2,000 pubs in Ireland shut in the last 10 years as the recession hit and the price gap between the on- and off-trade continued to widen. Padraig Cribben, chief executive of the VFI, spoke of the "serious burden" publicans face with excise on alcohol being so high in Ireland.