Calorie Information on Menus 'Stupid' Says Top Chef

By Steve Wynne-Jones
Calorie Information on Menus 'Stupid' Says Top Chef

Another prestigious chef has spoken out against the Government's plans to make calorie information on food menus a mandatory requirement.

Michelin-starred chef Ross Lewis, speaking to the Evening Herald, likened the regulations being placed upon restaurants to water charges, as establishments are being overburdened with demands.

"Having calories on menus really shows no understanding of what calories are. Are 2,000 calories of broccoli the same as 2,000 calories of Mars bars or crisps? We clearly know that it isn't," he said.

Lewis, who is head chef of the renowned Chapter One restaurant as well as owner of the newly-opened Osteria Lucio at Grand Canal Quay in Dublin, explained that the move will stifle creativity in the sector as chefs and owners will be reluctant to change menus, calling the idea "stupid".

"I'm not at all saying that there isn't an issue there that needs to be addressed, but I don't think the answer to that problem lies in putting calories on a menu in a restaurant like this," he added.

Previously, l'Ecrivain chef Derry Clarke as well as the RAI spoke out against the regulations, with the former calling the measure "past ridiculous".