Deliveroo Names The Top 100 Dishes Ordered In 2017

By Dave Simpson
Deliveroo Names The Top 100 Dishes Ordered In 2017

As the year comes to a close, food-delivery service Deliveroo has taken a moment to reflect on the past 12 months by celebrating the most popular dishes around the world, as chosen by its customers.

According to Deliveroo data, this year, consumers have become more experimental than ever before.

The most-ordered dish in the world on Deliveroo in 2017 is Lille-based restaurant Big Fernand’s Les Fernandines cheeseburger, with London burger chain Five Guys’ cheeseburger coming in at number three, and GBK’s six-ounce cheeseburger being voted the tenth most popular dish.

Burritos have also been particularly popular this year, with Boojum in Dublin coming in at number two and Dubai’s Taqado Mexican Kitchen being voted number five.

Aside from burgers and burritos, 2017 has also seen a rise in the popularity of Hawaiian cuisine, with poke (a raw-fish salad) a particularly popular choice among consumers. Meanwhile, dishes incorporating insects, such as cricket and tomato salad and buffalo-worm caramel desserts, also proved to be surprisingly popular.

Additionally, Deliveroo recorded a rise in the demand for hybrid dishes, as chefs engaged in more experimentation with food. Examples include Creme Egg pizzas, chicken cone waffles, and a pulled-pork, chocolate, chilli, avocado and pickle sandwich.

Deliveroo has compiled a list of the 10 most popular dishes ordered around the world in 2017:

1. Les Fernandines cheeseburger, Big Fernand, Lille, France

2. Burrito, Boojum, Dublin, Ireland

3. Cheeseburger, Five Guys, London, UK

4. Tripletta Pizza, Tripletta, Paris, France

5. Regular Burrito, Taqado Mexican Kitchen, Dubai, UAE

6. Boojum’s Twojum, Boojum, Belfast, UK

7. Sushi Box for Two, Sushi Shop, Toulouse, France

8. Chicken Salad Bowl, The Daily Cut, Singapore

9. Chicken Katsu Curry, Wagamama, London, UK

10. Cheese 6oz American Cheeseburger, GBK, London, UK